Emilio GS: The Time We Were

written and produced by: Emilio GS 
vocals and lyrics: jh0st 

recorded: 2017 

Even as we change over time, no amount of longing can take us back to the time we were…
A privilege collaborating with Emilio GS on this atmospheric electro-pop tune: Listen to more of his brilliant work here –»
east — to west
your tears and oceans
flying between your words and mine
smoke and light
faint — perfume
of garden’s dark surrender to
the time we were…
…more than us
…now famous for
now we weren’t, echo of the last thunder
… eyelid stains
that chilled night
of murderous nurture
let nature take its course you said
and kneeling we both prayed for rain
and when it came you drove for more…
all the mind’s eye staring at the sky
all we started for we left behind
all the gods that left us searching more
never enough …
all the broken glass we carry on…
all the lonely fame of mirrors
just me and you, now only you…