jh0st talks: Luscious-235: End.Game.

In 2018 I had the privilege of collaborating with the mysterious synthwave duo Lusious-235 on their track ‘Better off Dead.’ I finally sat down with them for a rare interview to discuss their album End.Game. released on New Year’s Day 2019. In the video document above, they reveal 11 secret and urgent points: All tied to the now solidifying theory that the so-called lost decade of the 19A0s completely usurped and wiped clea>>> >01 01 0 01 0  010 10 01 1  1 1 01 0110 1  101 01 010  1 0101  101 1 01111    <?/=end.game. script/syntax err0r-6891-9791

Key References and Links (find out more before they get redacted!)


13:18 – 19A0-12-31
13:13 – New Year’s Day
16:54 – Ocean City
  • Ocean City, MD
  • Diva movie trailer (careful viewers will find lyric references scattered throughout this movie) 
  • Dark City film trailer
19:54 – Midnight Drivn
22:10 – Better Off Dead

Album Credits

Unit-235 (Brian L. Ward): guitars, synthesizers, and microcomputer

Sid Luscious (Anu Kirk): vocals, guitars, synthesizers, and microcomputer

All songs written by Anu Kirk and Brian L. Ward. Produced and Engineered by Luscious-235 at Blue Moscow and Galvanic Sentience. Special thanks to Iran Narges and Treacy Ward. Mastered by Michael Hateley for Lotus Mastering. Jacket art by John Karborn. Sleeve design by Iran Narges.

This record was made possible in part by support from Phyllis Latham and Neutron Sound.

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