‘See,’ is the follow up to aerochute from my bossa nova infused EP n0va. Although its dreampop atmosphere lacks that signature samba pulse, I tried to capture the wistful melancholy that blows through bossa nova’s branches.

The song is about the inability to see beyond yourself, the half-translucent mirrors that stand in the way of true empathy. When you think you deeply understand another, are you actually seeing a reflection of your own image? And reflected in your glassy eyes, can they only see themselves?

Album artwork by Jin Suk
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How can you hold the beautiful you?
Through glass so clear it could be a tear.
and could it be me…
and could it be me?
We laughed so hard could it be a tear,
Then tore it down breathing till we drown.
and could it be you.
and could it be you?
Step closer still through windows we build,
Now see the tear reflecting the real.
You only see me…
i only see you?
You only see you,
I only see me…


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