A 4-song EP of bossa nova grooves specially crafted for your breaking heart.
Release date: March 2017

Sometimes when friendships fail and love is lost, we can’t always claim good versus bad. But to save our own sense of selves we need to demonize our others with who did what wrong and when.

Or do we? Where pop songs often draw breakups in black and white, Bossa nova paints in watercolors, telling the story through slow saturations and flashes of bright tones drying into blood-like stains. Bossa nova’s lyrics are inwardly autobiographical but their airy melodies speak to a melancholy that is the human condition.

I’m no expert in the medium, but Jobim’s ‘Triste’ or ‘Waters of March’ served as deep inspiration for this EP. The more one listens to Jobim’s seemingly lighthearted work, the more depth is revealed. In this vein, n0va is not about a single culmination of right or wrong, but a spectrum of moments spanning decades.

The songs were recorded semi-live, documented through videos of the recording session paired with footage from my travels. Even as the melodies and words are personal, I hope they reach you through the small sparks of static as the turntable spins up…

Aerochute is a song about taking a leap of faith, but also about taking the fall when you finally hit the ground.
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See is about the blindness of not being able to see beyond oneself.
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Mussi about how our pets become us and we become them. (R.I.P. Mu, 2017)
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…and Starfish Lips is a song about the inability of language but the possibility of communication.
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