Surveillance, especially of public space, is analogous to a one-way mirror: Cameras watch over you and footage is either replayed without your knowledge or stored in a black box as evidence of some yet-to-happen crime. What if surveillance could be a public act, an occasion for interactive reality-meets-art?

Located in the Heyri Art Valley on the heavily guarded border of North Korea, I designed the sound and light of ‘Cloud’ to give the impression that it is somehow alive. Three ethereal canopies respond when approached, reacting dynamically to people’s behavior. Lighting a once neglected pathway, the sculpture invites passerbys to gather, dance, improvise, and even become ‘third’ observers that watch others interacting with the sculpture.

Audience, performer, and surveillance are intertwined into a new public act. Playing with the idea of being watched, an ambient whispering follows you making the once private secrets public. When not responding to people, ‘Cloud’ enhances the ever-changing experience of the weather: detecting temperature, wind, rain, and humidity, the sculpture takes each of these conditions and creates a new link between human and atmosphere through light and sound.

All sounds (except for the saxophone) were generated on the GR-55 Guitar Synth reviewed here »
[ Featured in The Creators Project ]

Sound and Interactive Design: jh0st
Infrapoetics:  Vorticite
Architect: John Hong AIA, LEED AP, Jinhee Park AIA, Donguk Lee, Frederick Peter Ortner, Taesoo Kim
Structural Engineer: Park Byung-Soon
Interactive Engineer / Fabricator: Ecofeel


empty landscapes urban snowflakes
cycle and waste, ozone chaste. . .
compost taste?
skydog strat0sphere, enemy no fear!
endangered here balanced years
seasonal pattern trees near u.v. environment:
excelsior requirement
dance in sequence climb in silence
mountains without science
Einstein infinity equations harmony
orbit in unity Dimensions divinity
Number synergy
password millenium birds u.v the Requiem
iceage truth serum inverted plectrum
souls devoid of egos within
citadel myopic eye shines
watching moving lines
view for all times
security liberty?
what we consume
consumer ophidian bloom
orobouros circles soon
design a better noon?
midnight comes too soon…
sway in silent power
solar the Way u.v. the Flower
hydro steam flows
by our tidal epiphany within hours
photosynthesis new Moon
haiku moment’s swoon
lovers in starlight’s tune…
melodic convergence circumvents doom
in cosmos to womb!
Cloud infrapoetics by Wili Vorticez of Xarrier
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