being judged

Ever been in a relationship where you constantly felt like you were being judged? The great thing about 90’s new wave is that it can get all emo and go there!

Although the vignette captured in this little tune could very well be about one’s boy/girlfriend it’s actually a scene I witnessed between mother and daughter: The kid had an amazing yet-uninhibited singing voice but her professorial mother sternly tried to silence her in embarrassed hushed tones that started with ”why do you always have to…” Granted we were in the echo-ing halls of a university – but it was the weekend and the building was pretty much empty. I realized then we’ve all been silenced and judged. Or vice-versa: we also have been the ones to judge and silence…

‘Fire’ is the 2nd song off the 1616 EP from 1991:

erik carlson (aka AREA C): guitars
jh0st: bass and vocals