• mobocracy mayhem

    Mobocracy Mayhem

    In late June 2016, we all woke up to the reality of the Brexit referendum. There was a blanketing, quiet awe of both disbelief and gnawing inevitability. Even with the continued global unrest and growing undercurrent of bigotry, many of us had been too naive to yet imagine the swiftness of the pendulum swing…

  • endless tempest

    Gryflet’s Endless Tempest

    Nuno Tavares, the mastermind behind Gryflet is not a man of many words… but his music and song titles say it all. They are narrative riffs that take us through a journey. Antithetical to heavy rock, there’s no guitar solos, because if you create a singular hero within the song, then you take the power away from the audience…

  • mussi


    Songs about your pets are usually about something much more. We project onto them, we imagine we know what they’re thinking and saying, we begin to see expressions on their faces. Non pet-owners think we’re annoying at best, obsessed and/or pitifully lonely at worst. But isn’t it true that pets know us? They’ll look us [continue]→

  • schecter stiletto

    Schecter Stiletto Bass

    In 1987 I had the privilege of recording with bassist Mike Cassidy on ‘Untitled no.3’ the opening track off my second release, Resonance. Ever since, I’ve been haunted by the sound of fretless bass, eventually defanging my Fender Precision (more on this later) to get closer to that mysterious tone that is both ethereal and earthly. Mike’s [continue]→

  • left to the unknown

    Gryflet’s Left to the Unknown

    We all have voices in our head. In the early 1930’s the Soviet psychologist Lev Vygotsky defined the distinction between silent ‘inner speech’ and oral language: Even as inner speech starts out as a direct internalization of our external speech, his theory claims that as we mature, the two diverge, with inner speech no longer [continue]→

  • Emilio GS - The Time We Were

    Emilio GS: The Time We Were

    Even as we change over time, no amount of longing can take us back to the time we were… A song about travels, changes, and searching through layers of time. A story about nurture transforming into condemnation… east — to west your tears and oceans flying between your words and mine smoke and light faint [continue]→

  • 993 6th avenue

    Gryflet’s #MeToo

    The #MeToo movement has been short of revolutionary, even becoming Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year.’ Its ripple effect has mobilized the previously silenced voices of those suffering from sexual harassment and abuse by those in positions of power. But there is a layer of atrociousness, masquerading as love, that casts another kind of profound [continue]→

  • oorlab clean desk

    clean desk

    Turn up the retro-future funk and get down and dirty… cleaning your desk! It was a blast lending some tenor and soprano sax to Oorlab‘s ‘Clean desk.’ Part pragmatic dry humor, part ballad to our obsessive-compulsive impulse, the tune calls forth the everyday monumental task of having to tidy up to get work done. But [continue]→

  • see


      ‘See,’ is the follow up to aerochute from my bossa nova infused EP n0va. Although its dreampop atmosphere lacks that signature samba pulse, I tried to capture the wistful melancholy that blows through bossa nova’s branches. The song is about the inability to see beyond yourself, the half-translucent mirrors that stand in the way [continue]→

  • angel's house 1

    Shared Hallucinations: Gryflet’s ‘Your Head on the Pillow’

    Way before there was such a thing as ‘virtual reality,’ there was music… Its mythologies connected ordinary peoples with the extraordinary cosmos. Its altered states of consciousness bridged the present with the past and future. Gryflet’s ‘Your Head on the Pillow’ is a shared hallucination across time and space: Nuno Tavares wrote the song in [continue]→

  • gryflet-mile-high (Custom)

    Gryflet and the Mile High Club

    Many people have fantasies about getting it on in an airplane bathroom. I’m not sure why: they’re small, brightly lit, and sometimes poorly ventilated… Oh wait- that sounds exactly like a music practice booth! For a 5-month stint, I was living out of a suitcase, travelling the globe to teach and work. Through the bleary-eyed [continue]→