• aerochute: bossa nova’s new wave of change

    aerochute: bossa nova’s new wave of change

     I won’t pretend to be a historical expert on bossa nova, but where I can draw powerful parallels is that literally translated, ‘bossa nova’ means ‘new wave.’ And just like new wave music ushered in a cultural revolution in the 70’s and 80’s, bossa nova similarly made unprecedented convergences in the 50’s and 60’s that … [continue]

  • Interdependent Urbanism

    Interdependent Urbanism

    Interdependent Urbanism is a architectural and urban research project by Project : Architecture. It looks toward computation as an essential tool to augment the increasingly complex design process of cities where a myriad of factors must be considered simultaneously. Let’s look under the hood for a moment: The tool is based on the voxel, a … [continue]

  • cloud


    Surveillance, especially of public space, is analogous to a one-way mirror: Cameras watch over you and footage is either replayed without your knowledge or stored in a black box as evidence of some yet-to-happen crime. What if surveillance could be a public act, an occasion for interactive reality-meets-art? Located in the Heyri Art Valley on … [continue]

  • A Genealogy of X performance – MMCA Seoul, Dec 3rd

    A Genealogy of X performance – MMCA Seoul, Dec 3rd

    Despite all the political protests in central Seoul, the show must go on! Excited to provide ambient saxophone backdrop to Choon Choi’s ‘A Genealogy of X’ at the National Museum Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), Dec 3rd at 2pm. For those in the area, please join us, more info at link below:

  • sultanz u.v. thee vortyx

    sultanz u.v. thee vortyx

    …Temporary Insanity and the Role of Music Sonic hallucinations, shamanic healing, rhythmic trances: Even from the beginning of recorded history, music has played a role in inducing alternate states of consciousness. And it was through these different versions of ‘reality’ that societies understood themselves in relation to the cosmos. Modernity has put a straight-jacket on … [continue]

  • roland gr-55 guitar synth

    roland gr-55 guitar synth

    I literally had to hide my Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer under the couch, safe from view. This unassuming piece of gear (it only sports a few buttons and five main foot controls), started taking over my life — 15 minutes just to “test out” a new sound design became 2 hours and 15 minutes later. … [continue]

  • serpent’s exile

    serpent’s exile

    Being a rockstar is the nuanced balance of creativity and drive, topped off with a strong dose of delusion. And rockstar status is not just about rock music: you can be a rockstar classical violist, a rockstar architect ;-} or a rockstar yarn knitter. What matters most is what some might call ‘flow.’ Try too … [continue]

  • X-ray of the Past and Future

    X-ray of the Past and Future

    In the wake of another recently broken bone (this time my foot!) I’ve been thinking again about pain and its role in our lives. It’s indeed an interesting matter: Like the age-old mind/body split, popular thinking separates pain into physical and mental states. If you follow this train of thought, pain is either ‘outside’ or … [continue]

  • roland gk-kit gt3 pickup

    roland gk-kit gt3 pickup

    Somehow, a strap-on keyboard can pass as dorky/cool, especially with the rise of “nerdcore.” But IMHO, a synth guitar is just… well… dorky, and always will be. Just check YouTube for shredders playing drum kits through their axes, and wince at their geeky outboard retrofits. I can poke fun because I too am a geek … [continue]

  • Black and White

    Black and White

    “I’m done playing music to a bunch of white guys standing around in a room.” Being lily-white-male himself, this was quite a proclamation from Nimmo. But it was less a rejection of the audience but a scathing damnation of ourselves and the music we were making at the time. And it was true: by the … [continue]

  • b3nd3r


    Just as houses like 16:16 haunted the music, the asbestos shingled hovel at 295 Beacon street in Somerville, Massachusetts (or as some of us lovingly called ‘Slummerville’), housed the lo-fi alchemy of B3ND3R. It was 1995 and Stephen Bender (bass), Andrew Nimmo (drums) and myself (guitar and voice), lived upstairs while Jin Suk inhabited the … [continue]