going dry

Being bedridden-sick on an overdue visit to your parents house makes one remember random things from years’ past. In 1989 my mother inadvertently turned me into an indie-rocker. I always shared my progress with her but by my statik 1 EP, the novelty had worn off. “Why do you always use so much echo?” she frowned. I retorted, “You’re a choir-director, I thought you’d appreciate the reverb.” Her answer has stuck with me through the years: “We always first practice in small rooms, you have to earn that kind of sound.”

Until then I had disdained the then burgeoning indie-rock scene for what I thought was its false modesty. But many failed attempts at writing a ‘dry’ song on guitar and voice revealed my bad technique. So I turned my back on the gilded god of reverb, bowed and gazed at my shoes like any good indie-rocker would, and recorded ‘statik house.’

statik house is the 3rd song off the statik 1 EP released in 1989
[tech note: the epic roland srv-2000 reverb is now back in use in tapeop maestro andy’s recording studio]