• n0va


    [Released 2017] n0va is a 4-song EP of bossa nova grooves specially crafted for your breaking heart. Sometimes when friendships fail and lovers leave, we can’t always claim good versus bad. But to save our own sense of selves we need to demonize our others with who did what wrong and when. Or do we? Where pop songs draw breakups in black and white, Bossa nova paints in watercolors… [continue]→

  • cock it cover art by hyein kim

    Cock It (COtu × jh0st)

    Cock It is a 70s infused souped-up anti-gun antidote aimed directly at Ted Nugent’s hypocrisy. On this 20th anniversary of the Columbine attack we need words of peace and prayers. But we also need to words of resistance against public forces and figures that continue to disseminate disinformation under the guise of ‘gun rights.’ Chock full of cultural references, Cock It channels the energy… [continue]→

  • march 13

    The smell of burnt plastic and kerosene, the sight of boarded up houses, factories, and stores, the sound of a distant gunshot… The geography of Virginia is home to two extremes. In the press we see the economic, political, and social wealth of the neighborhoods that encircle the nation’s capital. But in the southwestern regions, we can catch glimpses of burnt-out Appalachian coal-mining… [continue]→

  • starfish lips

    starfish lips

    starfish lips is an indie-pop song at the intersection of melancholy and cute… Written in 3rd-grade level Korean, it is about learning how to communicate across languages, but also across the subtle signs of gestures and inflections. Originally written in 2000 and recorded in 2016, the song has special significance to me as this version was completed soon after I moved to Korea… [continue]→

  • my fallen twin

    My Fallen Twin – sun*load

    My Fallen Twin is a 90s darkwave influenced collab with sun*load: We have a vision of our ourselves, a kind of ideal light. Through mythology and science, we have appeared in many forms: as the second self, as angels, as alter-egos, as our superego. But what if the myth is exactly that? A shattered mirror, a descent of heavy wings, Hope in the form of a curse?… [continue]→

  • ozone 1

    a mile high ride (with COtu) in the Ozone

    Ozone (a collab with COtu) is a sunny, R&B infused, mile-high, pop song best consumed before the dark clouds roll in. This song is dedicated to all you weary post-holy-day travelers, crossing across time-zones, from winter to summer, from coast to coast, from up to down, from love to sort-of-like, from excitement….

  • giving in Custom

    Frank Baker: Giving In

    Then there’s artists like Frank Baker. His online presence is scant, albums appear for a few months, then whole catalogs disappear into the ether. It brings an essential question to the foreground: Should we draw a line in the sand and focus on the singularity of craft in and of itself, and in so doing, delete the desire for multiplying the sound across…

  • mobocracy mayhem

    Mobocracy Mayhem

    In late June 2016, we all woke up to the reality of the Brexit referendum. There was a blanketing, quiet awe of both disbelief and gnawing inevitability. Even with the continued global unrest and growing undercurrent of bigotry, many of us had been too naive to yet imagine the swiftness of the pendulum swing…

  • endless tempest

    Gryflet’s Endless Tempest

    Nuno Tavares, the mastermind behind Gryflet is not a man of many words… but his music and song titles say it all. They are narrative riffs that take us through a journey. Antithetical to heavy rock, there’s no guitar solos, because if you create a singular hero within the song, then you take the power away from the audience…

  • mussi


    Songs about your pets are usually about something much more. We project onto them, we imagine we know what they’re thinking and saying, we begin to see expressions on their faces. Non pet-owners think we’re annoying at best, obsessed and/or pitifully lonely at worst.But isn’t it true that pets know us? They’ll look us in [continue]→

  • schecter stiletto

    Schecter Stiletto Bass

    In 1987 I had the privilege of recording with bassist Mike Cassidy on ‘Untitled no.3’ the opening track off my second release, Resonance. Ever since, I’ve been haunted by the sound of fretless bass, eventually defanging my Fender Precision (more on this later) to get closer to that mysterious tone that is both ethereal and earthly. Mike’s [continue]→

  • left to the unknown

    Gryflet’s Left to the Unknown

    We all have voices in our head. In the early 1930’s the Soviet psychologist Lev Vygotsky defined the distinction between silent ‘inner speech’ and oral language: Even as inner speech starts out as a direct internalization of our external speech, his theory claims that as we mature, the two diverge, with inner speech no longer [continue]→