Infrastructure to Nowhere

James Turrell Skyspace, Houston TX
James Turrell Skyspace, Houston TX

“He’s a real nowhere man…”

Admittedly there’s not much content on this site (at least until the new music gets posted beyond the work from 25 years ago)… But the scaffolding behind the scenes is now pretty much there. As I was creating the pages, it was clear that this would be another ‘wallflower’ site, sitting in a remote corner of the expanding interweb. I’m hoping however that all of this is like an empty auditorium before the show.

When I first started playing in front of people, somehow the most exciting part was rehearsing in the auditorium in the moments before the ‘real’ performance. It was a time and space of possibility. I was trained by my best teachers to compensate for the empty echo but it was an imprecise science: if only a few people showed, the place would still remain cavernous sounding but if it filled, the ambient notes would be absorbed by bodies: The humidity would rise, the light and sound would refract and soften from the trampled dust… 

But back to the empty auditorium: Much more than practicing at home where one would also be alone, this state in-between is an anticipatory performance in honor of a ghosted crowd. In the same way, this site and its social media satellites will be a sounding chamber, a glass half full that is also half empty. It will be a willfully optimistic space that blindly predicts that the next performance will be better than the previous one even if it really isn’t. Updates will be relatively infrequent but any discussion, feedback, and advice along the way will be of course be welcome. Social media will be the best seats in the house, and I will try to use each for their inherent strengths. But it’ll take time to figure out what those are. For now:

  • This blog : longer ramblings and existential musings of some substance.
  • Twitter : microblogging + irresponsible rants.
  • Facebook : a social journal of up to date progress.
  • Google+ : i have no idea how to use this heavyweight wallflower.
  • SoundCloud : the main storage and social platform for all my sounds. 

See you all in the empty hyper-space halls. May we enjoy the echoes together.