promiscuous sax

The soprano sax made me promiscuous. No, not in that sense (or maybe in that sense). What I mean is musically free. After abandoning my alto the masterplan was to switch to B-flat horns (like Coltrane) first with a soprano then a tenor.

Carrying around the soprano was too easy: no bigger than a violin I’d tuck it under my chair at class, taking breaks to jam in between. It was the early ’90’s and it was a rush sitting in with all the musicians and wannabes (like me) in the then burgeoning jazz scene in Charlottesville. Through the blur of hep cats forming and un-forming orbiting musical orgies, I stopped trying to remember the names of who I had been jamming with the day before… And then as the addiction for Acid Jazz‬ settled in, I started skipping school so that my straight A’s nose-dived into straight C’s. Or maybe it just bottomed out at a B-flat.

Ashes is the a-side of the statik 2 single released in 1992.