My Fallen Twin – sun*load

My Fallen Twin a song about the archetypal battle between our future and past selves.

Written by: sun*load
Jeremy Markowitz: guitars, bass, drums
jh0st: vocals, lyrics
Recorded 2018

In half light,
half human
The changing, angel fallen…

Cry to the rooftops
High like Mary
Carry the stolen crown

I see the future you…
You look like me, and sound like me too.
But lost is the imaginary
Boundary of sanity
From helpless, too human
Wings of useless silence

Unspoken words unbroken
Listening closely to…
What’s that your praying to?
Gods of your vanity

I see the future you…
your heavy wings, my fallen twin
Or is it just illusionary
hope in the form of a curse

Cry to the rooftops!
Drown in raindrops
Opening, wings of lead

Falling graceless,
human and faceless
Mute and weary silence

I see the future you…
your heavy wings, my fallen twin
Or is it just illusionary
hope in the…

form of a curse… keep silent, it only gets…

Now tell the others of eyes staring into blindness,
Wrapped in our hollow glory…

Now turned to dust from flames and rust and borders
and orders crushed (you turn around)

Through time’s momentum
all that changes is the angel’s shadow

We have a vision of our ourselves, a kind of ideal light. Through mythology and science, we have appeared in many forms: as the second self, as angels, as alter-egos, as our superego. But what if the myth is exactly that? A shattered mirror, a profound self-realization, a descent of heavy wings… Hope in the form of a curse?

My Fallen Twin is about the archetypal battle between one’s future and present tense. Like a scene out of a Wim Wenders movie, we peer years ahead as fallen angels that once in their youth attempted to ascend to new ideal places. This is a song about cross-roads, how decisions we make now can change everything later. Finally, it is about our own egos, how we think we are fighting epic battles which are in fact tiny ripples within time’s overall momentum. Are we essentially vain creatures? Through cycles of war and glory, is it really a return to 0 instead of real progress?

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