new wave and reverb: forever together

I’ve gone on about giving up reverb. But like other mind altering substances it’s hard to shake. Even when you’ve sworn off the addiction, the enveloping space sneaks back into your life with a vengeance…NewWave‬ and ‪‎reverb‬ are too intertwined: Sometimes I wonder – did the invention of digital reverb give birth to an entire generation of music?

Reverb is also the great egalitarian equalizer that knows no socio-cultural prejudices: It can corral diversity so that conflicting parts all live in the same song happily-ever-after. Case in point: even though guitarist AREA C hated anything to do with slap bass, in this tune it was reverb that altered reality enough so that ambient guitar, funk bass, and arabic vocal scales could commune in one vast virtual arena. In this troubled time of rising cultural conflict, maybe we should all alter our realities a little to find a little tolerance.

‘ghost’ is the 3rd song off the 1616 EP released in 1991.