the art of portability

“See it’s fine,” Erik Carlson (aka AREA C) stated matter of factly as he punched the side of his small vintage fender amp to stop it from crackling. We had just walked half a mile with our guitars and gear to plug into the flickering street light at our favorite abandoned intersection in downtown Charlottesville… I grimaced under my breath: “just get a new amp that works…” But as soon I heard that glorious tone melting into the amber night it all made sense.

I learned something about the nuanced art of portability from Erik (after all Area C is a one-man band that plays live). I used to think travelling light, whether in a musical or any other sense, was about shrinking to fit and if it didn’t fit, about compromise. Instead it’s about gracefully migrating between different climates and situations with what you have in hand. Over the years we transported this song to vastly different venues including small poetry readings and loud rock clubs with different band mates (including Purple Ivy Shadows). And the last time we played it was hanging out in Boston with our electric guitars but ironically with no amps on at all.

Mother’s Angel, the 4th song off the ‪‎DarkWave‬ EP 1616, recorded in 1991. Area C: guitars / jh0st: bass and vocals.